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Technological trends set to take the events industry by a storm

event trends

The events industry has steadily been changing over the years. We can only expect more changes and improvements over the years to come. Now, there are some ideas of what to expect. Below is a list of some events industry technological advancements. Some of them are currently in development while others are projections into the future. One thing is clear though they are all designed to make events livelier as well as ease presentation and increase the number of attendees.

Big Data:

Data is crucial for any industry. Over the years, the levels of sophistication in capturing and data analysis have heightened. With the help of this technology, event organizers will now be able to tailor messages to prospected attendees based on the index of their perceived needs. It is just like what traditional marketing departments have been doing, only that this time it is on a live platform.

transparent screensTransparent screens:

The thought of this kind of technology baffles most people without a doubt. Full 3D presentation will now be a reality all thanks to this technology. Pop-ups will be highly animated, and responsive content will finally be a reality. These screens came into the market a few years ago and kept on improving. Therefore, thinner screens are expected and a possible drop in prices too.

Interactive screens:

As the days go by, screens increase in size. There are touchscreens in the market too, all thanks to technology. Infrared bars available in the market enhance the touchscreen feel. They allow for multiple user touchscreen sensitivity and with such bars, there is no limit to the screen size. The infrared bars also support different kinds of shapes. As such, we will have even curved screens and many other shapes.

Kinect technology:

If you are a fan of Xbox, you are most likely familiar with the motion control technology they use. The technology dubbed Kinect, recently introduced a software developer kit that enables people to create interactive 3D virtual environments. Object recognition and augmented reality applications, will, therefore, be an affordable reality. Unlike the highly priced, object recognition tables, this technology could fulfill the same dreams and open events to more participants at reasonable costs.

Virtual reality:

All thanks to this revolutionary technology, people can now understand the human anatomy without having to dissect one. When it comes to events, this technology can get used to explain advanced concepts. By entering into a situation created by virtual technology, you get to understand such a situation in an in-depth manner as compared to if it were to get explained to you in words.


Most of the technologies discussed above got motivated into existence by the needs of a particular group of people in a given period. Today, we still see gaps and those gaps will get filled in the next few years with some incredible ideas. The world of events keeps on changing, and ours is to make suggestions for improvements. Even before we are through with making such proposals, a technological advancement is already in place trying to tackle our concerns.

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5 Health Trends For Women That Are Set To Catch Fire in 2017


There has been a ton of talk in the news lately about the emerging trend in new women’s health care issues and medical products. Women’s health care is not what it used to be. In the past women tended to place their health worries on things such as breast cancer and cervical cancer. While these are two major problems for women, they are not the only ones that plague the female demographic.

cervical cancer food suggestion

Things such as heart disease are being addressed while in the past they have relegated heart disease as mainly something that affects men. Also, there has been a huge emphasis on new medical products that women can administer to themselves at home instead of going to the doctor for testing that is less pleasant. Below is a list of five trends like this that are catching fire as we move toward 2017.

Women’s Health Trends Catching Fire 

  • Needle-Less Breast Augmentation
  • Cardiac Health Awareness
  • Prescription-Less Birth Control
  • Home Pap Smear Checks
  • Fertility Probability Using Spit Tests

Needle-Less Breast Augmentation

When it comes to breast augmentation of any kind surgery has been the only option for years. However, now they have developed a tool that used CO2 to enlarge or decrease the size of the breast. This has not been approved by the FDA, but it is a fact that approval is coming soon.

Cardiac Health Awareness

As mentioned earlier there has been a huge uprise in the awareness of female cardiac issues. This is leading to better cardiac health for women and awareness that they are not immune to heart disease even though the largest percentage involves males.

Prescription-Less Birth Control

Sometimes women run out of birth control waiting on a doctor to update their script. This is no longer an issue as they have developed a new medication that is as effective as prescription birth control.

Home Pap Smear Checks

Most women are not comfortable with the fact that a lot of gynecologist are men and have to administer pap smears to them. A company called Eve medical has come out with a new tool that helps women perform this test at home without waiting for a doctor screen or having to go through the awkward process that is a pap smear.

Fertility Probability Using Spit Tests

Perhaps the most unique health trend is the development of spit fertility test. Patients can now use a spit sample to determine fertility. This is ten times better than having to have an invasive biopsy for labarotory testing.

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Top 5 Images Of Events Where Tables and Chairs Has Been Hired

I have put together 5 very appealing images for you, where I think chairs where a very important factor for the event.

outdoor event with beautiful chairs

No 1. Stunning garden wedding party, dressed by London’s most popular chair hire company (Casablanca Hire). Whether it’s for a small garden wedding party or a larger, the provide event equipment gazebos, furniture and catering equipment for both private and corporate clients.


wedding chairs

No 2. Following image is showcasing a wedding ceremony setup with white resin chairs.


golden chiavari chairs eventNo 3. I have given spot number three for this event. I like the way they played with gold and burgundy colors. Golden chiavari chairs has been used for this event.

Top event with ide chiavari chairs

No 4. Is for Ice chiavari chair lovers. Can you visualise how the chairs are dominating this image?


White chiavari chairs

No 5. If I would have to give a name to this photo I would call it the white heaven.

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46 Meals-a-Minute Airline Caterers Bring New Meaning to Fast Food

46 Meals-a-Minute Airline Caterers Bring New Meaning to Fast Food


Do you think that your fast food restaurant is the best at churning out meals fast? You’re wrong. The best companies when it comes to serving meals fast and cheap are those that serve food in the air – they are airline catering companies. They have perfected the art of getting food out in the least amount of time, at very low costs and with minimum fuss. The best of these is located in Kuala Lumpur, Brahim’s Airline Catering. On average, they are able to produce 46 meals every minute at the cost of $3.5 or less for Economy and less than $30 for First Class. They are currently providing meals for about 30 airlines.

catering in the air

The company is very careful about health and hygiene and staff are forced to take extra measures to make sure that food is produced in sanitary conditions. All employees have the right gear including aprons and chef caps. The company’s aim is to ensure that none of the meals that they send to various airlines leads to sickness.

Huge Quantities of Food

They go through amazing quantities of food. Every week, they prepare and serve 2.5 tons of sea food, 600 kilos of beef and 4 tons of chicken. They don’t rely on the human brain either – they have computer screens that spit out instructions as to what ingredients should be used, how much and how the platter should be arranged in the end. The employees have to replicate what the computer instructs thousands of times a day and they cannot afford to make any mistakes. They prepare all meals scratch be they pastries or satay sticks and all food is produced using fresh ingredients.

aeroplane menuDifferent airlines have different menus. Malaysia Airlines, for instance, serves satay sticks so each worker is expected to deliver 3,000 satay sticks a day. They are so efficient in their production and transportation that it is often possible to serve satay sticks that were prepared just 45 minutes ago.

According to one of the company’s executives, there are 3 main challenges that they have to deal with every day. The first is keeping meals consistent, and they also have to remain within budget and create new menus all the time. New menus are a challenge because they take months to design and they also have to be tried. According to the University of Queensland Center for Nutrition and Food Sciences, preparing food to be eaten during flight is a challenge in itself. The high altitude means that it is easy for food to get contaminated and often, it will lose its juices and will be dry and tasteless.

There is also the risk of bacteria and often, the food ferments. Brahim’s Airline Catering is forced to use taste enhancers such as salt, sugar and a host of spices to ensure that dishes remain tasty. They also use a process called blast chilling where cooked food is frozen very fast to minimize the risk of bacterial contamination. Food temperatures can drop from temperatures of more than 65 degrees to less than 10 degrees in a very short time.

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How to Choose a Reception Hall

If you are not getting married outside in a marquee then you will need to find a reception hall for the party after your wedding. It is not everyday that you choose a reception hall so you may be wondering how to find the best one. There are several things that you should take into account if you want your reception to go smoothly:

How many guests will you have?

The reception hall that you choose should be able to hold the number of guests who are coming. Reception halls usually state the number of people that they can hold on their marketing material so you should not have a problem finding the number. Don’t try and fit too many guests into a small reception hall in order to save on money – everyone will be too cramped together and it will be awkward. You can never know how many people exactly will come in advance – people bring uninvited Plus-Ones all the time so you should plan for a few of those as well. Remember that you need room for the food to be laid out if you will be having a buffet and if you will have a band they need room too.
banquet hall

How far away is it from where you are having your ceremony?

After the ceremony, you and your guests want to be able to get to the reception without any hassles. If your reception is too far from the wedding some of the people who attended the ceremony may not show up. As much as possible try and have the two venues as close to each other as possible.


Do you like the look of the hall that you are thinking of renting?

It is true that the place will be decorated with decorations of your choice but it is important to go with a room that you like from the get-go. You will feel happier with the end results.

Is there enough parking space?

Parking is precious on wedding days –everyone wants to park their car not too far away from the reception. You should be looking for a hall which has enough paring for the number of guests that you have invited.


• Most reception halls in London offer more than just space; they will give you staff to help your London catering company. Find out how many they are and what their skills are. Ask your caterer to use them in case he needs them but to make sure that everything is coordinated.

• Think about how much you want to spend; there are some halls that are very expensive only because they usually cater to celebrities.

Once you choose a hall it is very important that your London caterer sees it; he will be the one putting up the decorations so he should get a feel of the hall well in advance.

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Are you looking to plan an event and simply do not have the time?

Are you looking to plan an event and simply do not have the time?

big event planning

Are you looking to plan the biggest event of the year and simply do not have the time to put it all together? Catering company is the first place that you should start. They can make sure that all of the details are put together nicely and has all of the work done for you. Right down to cleaning up after your event guests at the end of the night. Although there are catering companies that only do what they need to, moreover they are inclusive so that you only have to enjoy time with your family and friends.

Marquees provide your event with outside catering tents and furniture, including tables and chair hire, and can be used for both office catering as well as wedding catering depending on what your needs are. The larger the event, the more likely you will need a marquee. Catering supplies are not limited to marquees and food catering, however. Kitchen equipment is also available to make cooking for hundreds of people so much easier. London caterers will usually provide everything that you need, including all of the catering equipment, so it is important to make sure that you shop around before you commit to a catering hire.

Wedding caterers are the most popular when it comes to event catering, but they are available no matter what you are looking for. Home catering is popular during the holidays for families that would rather not do all of the cooking, and these kinds of events can even be done by restaurants in London that have the time and staff to manage larger parties. The same is true for office catering for promotions or Christmas parties. Catering services are available year round, but it is important to make sure and book your event as early as you can. Party caterers often book months in advance and you want to be sure that the date you have chosen is kept available for you.

Tips for your company events

Whether you are looking for party catering for a large gathering or much smaller event catering, there are catering companies London that will make sure that everything you ask for is available. From the furniture arranged the way that you would like it, to the food spread over the tables, they are there to make sure you do not have to worry for the rest of the evening. Catering equipment hire is just as important as the event itself if you are looking to have your event go over smoothly, so make sure that you have your list in order and your caterer will make sure that everything else is taken care of.

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Tips for Your Next Company Event

Business event with entertainment

Business meetings have evolved over the years – whereas they used to be somber events where numbers were crunched and shared, today they have taken on more of a party atmosphere. People go in with an expectation that there will be music and food. If you haven’t been doing this at your company you should start doing it right away – it has been proven to motivate employees. For your first corporate event we have prepared a list of tips that will help you get through it a lot easier.

• The first thing that you have to do is find a caterer. There are many of them around so make sure that you interview a few so that you can compare. Ask them to prepare tastings of sample menus to help you decide. Let them know that you are looking for a long term deal so that they can give you a discounted rate – many caterers are happy to charge cheaper if there will be repeat business.

• You should find out how many people will be coming. This will give the caterer an idea of how much food they should prepare. Although you may not be able to settle on a final count, a rough estimate will do. If you can get an exact number as the day approaches it is even better.

Non-alcohol drink ideas• Most caterers include alcohol in their packages and if you are not careful you may find your employees served alcohol during your meeting. Make it clear to the caterer that you don’t want to have alcohol. Remember, there are occasions when you will want alcohol such as the office Christmas party so you should call the caterer in advance of such events.

• Plan well in advance of the event so that the caterer can know the timelines that he is working with. This will allow for him to get the food and drinks ready on time and it will also allow his employees to be adequately prepared.

• Make sure that your caterer brings different food options to the event. Businesses are staffed by people who have varying dietary needs. There are some who are vegetarians, others who are kosher and so on. If the cater doesn’t bring options for them they will go hungry and you don’t want that.

• Plan to have the event in a big enough room. Often, rooms where corporate events are being held usually end up being too small and tables have to be arranged very close together. Have enough room for the caterer to lay out the food and for your employees to sit comfortably.

These tips should help make your first corporate event a success.

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